When you’re going on a vacation, there are many things that you might be worried about. Airport parking is definitely one of those things if you plan on driving yourself to the airport. Some of your top concerns may include a delayed or cancelled flight. It is reasonable to worry because if any of these things happen, the set plan that you have made for your trip will have to change. Apart from having to change your hotel check-in time and your itinerary, you also have to deal with the cancellation or amendment of your airport parking reservation as well. This article will discuss how you can handle these kinds of situations in detail.

In the Case of a Delayed Flight:

Flight delays happen all the time, and sometimes things just don’t go exactly according to plan. Luckily, the airport car park operators are well aware of this fact. If the delay is said to be less than thirty minutes, then you shouldn’t panic just yet. In general, you are provided with a grace period that allows you to be late for a specific amount of time. Keep in mind that your grace period will depend on the car park. While some may allow you only an hour of a grace period, others may offer you up to six hours of grace period! If you don’t want to be charged for any late fees, then the best thing you can do is contact your car park to inform them about your situation.

In the Case of a Cancelled Flight:

A cancelled flight can be such a nuisance. Not only will you have to change all your carefully laid out plans, but you will also have to deal with cancellation fees on your airport parking booking, too. Without cancellation cover, you may have to pay extra fees if you didn’t cancel your booking between a specific period of time. In many cases, the flight is cancelled very close to the time of your set departure, which means that you will have to pay cancellation or amendment fees for the car park booking. To avoid this from happening, you should get yourself cancellation cover during the time of your booking. This way, you can make a cancellation within 24 hour’s notice while still getting a full refund without any extra fees. That being said, it’s always a good idea to check the cancellation policy of your airport parking to make sure.

Now, your next question might be: what if I have to make a cancellation with less than 24 hour’s notice? In this case, your airport parking company should try their best to liaise with the car park in your favour. It should be noted that the company has already been charged by the car park in the final 24 hours prior to your booking time, which means that it can be a challenge to cancel or amend bookings without any additional charges. If the car park refuses to compensate you for your booking, it is highly recommended that you claim your losses directly from the airline. These airlines usually have policies regarding flight cancellation in place, and you should see what you can do to get your money refunded.

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