If you’re going on a long holiday, it’s understandable if you don’t want to park your car in a public airport parking for the entire duration. There are other options like services that are basically like a car-sitting program. Depending on your circumstances, you might want to consider your options and see what you can do regarding your parking situation. It’s important to make sure that you pick the right parking service for your car. After all, it’s one of your costlier investments. Here are some things to look into when it comes to airport parking:

How Long You’ll Be Gone

You can choose between short, medium, and long stays. Short and medium stays are often more expensive since such services tend to be very close to the airport grounds. Longer stays may cost less, but you will need to travel quite a bit to get from your car to the airport. There is usually a shuttle or bus service for this.

That way, you can drop off your car and still get to the airport on time. It’s a common misconception that long-term parking services only accept your business if you will be gone for a long time, but this is untrue. Even if you only plan to be gone for a few days, quite a few long stay services will still take your booking and offer you a good price. Therefore, so it’s worth contacting them if you are willing to travel a little bit further to and from your car.


This kind of service simply involves a lot where you can park your car by yourself and keep your keys with you while you are traveling. Almost all short or medium stays will operate like this. Long stay parking services may also operate this way, but most of them will have you meet an attendant at the reception of the park service. They will then take your keys and park your car for you while you take the bus back to the airport.

Meet-and-Greet Services

These services are similar to valet parking services in many ways. You leave your car with a driver at an agreed-upon meeting point at the airport, where they will pick it up. You can then simply go into the airport and catch your flight. When you return, the driver will fetch your car and bring it right to you, ready for you to drive off. This is the most convenient airport parking service since you don’t need to go anywhere and your car is safe. One drawback is that this will undoubtedly be the most expensive way to park your car at the airport. Valet parking will be worth it if you have the money to spend and no time to spare. If you don’t feel like traveling to get your car, this is the option for you.

Business Parking

Business parking is like parking, but with benefits. You will be able to park and get picked up wherever you are at your complete convenience. Luxurious shuttles and quick transfers to your flight are what you can expect from business parking. It’s certainly going to cost a lot of money, but the prices are well worth it if you have the means and are looking for a direct link from the parking lot.

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