7 Tips To Help You Choose A Reliable Airport Parking Company

After you book a plane ticket to your dream holiday destination, you will need to think about transportation to the airport. Most people find it convenient to just drive there, and many holidaymakers decide to opt-in for the services of airport parking companies. For a fee, these businesses will let you leave your car on their premises. While it is rare for anything to go wrong, there are stories of customers returning home to find items in their car missing or to be greeted with parking fines to pay. To avoid these unpleasant situations, here are seven tips to ensure you have peace of mind so that you can enjoy a wonderful holiday:

1. If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

Companies offering cheap airport parking deals and low prices might be cutting corners to keep their costs low. This could be leaving your vehicle in unsafe areas or lacking proper security measures, leaving your car vulnerable to theft and vandalism. To avoid the possibility of this, choose reputable companies with positive reviews. Paying a little extra for a professional service can save you a lot of stress and hassle in the long run. Always be cautious of cheap companies.

2. Look Out For The Warning Signs

If there isn’t a business address, the website is poorly designed, or information vague, you should be on alert. These are signs of an illegitimate or terrible airport parking service. You might end up paying a fake business or leaving your car with a company that lacks an adequate support structure. Always research the business you are planning to go with. Look at their track record, how they will store your car, and if they have insurance. Twenty minutes of research could protect you from being scammed.

3. Choose Companies with a Pass Mark

Secure car parks deter criminals. You should choose businesses with a “Pass Mark” as this means that the police have independently assessed their car park and it satisfies their criteria of a secure property.  A Pass Mark means your car will be less likely to stolen or damaged by criminals. However, be careful of businesses falsely using a Pass Mark to mislead to customers. You can always verify their authenticity on the “car park finder” section of the Pass Mark website.

4. Read Reviews of The Company

Reviews are a great way to gauge the quality of an airport parking business. Google the company’s name and read reviews by customers. Sites like Trustpilot are reliable sources and when possible, read the reviews of verified customers.

5. Confirm The Car Park Location Exists

Copy the company’s car park address on Google Maps, and you can see what the parking facilities look like. Double check that the location they’ve provided is real and is large enough to be a car park. The satellite feature on Google Maps will give you a real image of the grounds and is a useful tool to determine the validity of any airport car park company.

6. Get Details of The Park-and-Ride Service

Now that you have Google Maps open, see how close to the airport the car park company will drop you off. Some operators might offer you pick up and drop off services, but it might be somewhere far from your terminal. Check details such as their pick up schedule and luggage space; if their last pick time is 6 pm, you need to make sure when your flight lands.

7. Plan the Timings

Park and ride services are often situated outside of a city, and a bus will be needed to transfer you to the airport. Ensure that their bus schedule fits with your flight times and estimate how long the transfer journey will take. If the airport is in a busy city like London, factor in the traffic and plan the journey accordingly. You don’t want to be late to check-in for your flight!

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